Decorative Pumpkins (The Sims 4)


Here's a set of decorative pumpkins I made for the fall season.
They're pumpkins (supposedly) painted in gold, silver and mixed with bright colors.
You'll get 2 different sizes (small and large) in 5 colors as shown in pictures.

All clutter in picture above made by me.
You can get the picture stands from HERE and paper coffee cup HERE.

Mesh Info:
OBP Decorative Pumpkin Large Size (445 vertices/576 faces)
OBP Decorative Pumpkin Small Size (445 vertices/576 faces)

Custom thumbnails are included.

Feel free to recolor this set.
But please Do Not replace my textures with yours! (Default replacement)
Please read my TOU & Sharing Policy HERE.

And please tag 'onebillionpixels' if you use these in your picture. I'll reblog your post.


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  1. wont even let my game load. says file is corrupt. on this the picture stands and the cactus plants.


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