Multiple Bracelets & Male Sim


Today I have for you a set of multiple bracelets and one male sim.
The bracelets has only one color (black) and it can be found in Accessory - Bracelet section.
It's a standalone (new mesh) with custom thumbnail as seen in picture below.
For males only, from teen to elder.

Mesh info: 
High poly 705 
Low poly 585

To install the sim, all you have to do is put all the files (there's 5 in total) in your Tray folder.
Documenst>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray
To find him, don't forget to click the 'Modded' option in the Gallery.

To uninstall, just delete him from your Library in the Gallery.

To get the exact look you'll have to use the same custom content I used for him.
Above the pictures of the sim I included the links where you can download them. Make sure you click those.

Please don't use this sim as a base to your creations, alter his facial feature, or reupload him anywhere and claim him as your own.
But you are more than welcome to use him for story, movie, contest, modelling, etc.
Feel free to do so. 
Don't forget to link back and credit One Billion Pixels.

Please tag 'onebillionpixels' if you use this in your picture on tumblr.
I'll reblog your post. Thanks!

Have fun!


Multiple Bracelets

Matthew Donahue

Musical Genius
Outgoing | Music Lover | Creative


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  1. I am sorry to bother you , but I need to say , the link to his hair gives me 404 error ; - ; ,crap I really wanted the hair , btw I love your creations , you're amazing

    1. So sorry for the late reply. I really don't know how I missed this.
      Anyway, I fixed the hair link so you can download now.
      Thank you for letting me know! ^___^


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