Xbox One Games & Consoles (Decor Clutter)


Here's a new decor or clutter set I made as requested on my Tumblr.
I make everything in this set exactly just like the real version ones except for the controller.
But I'll make a really detailed version of it if someday we get a console game in Sims 4.
So for now you can only have the simplified version as clutter.
I hope you're okay with that and still like it.

Anyway, there's 6 files in this set but you don't have to install all of them.
You'll get 2 consoles, 2 kinetics and 1 box art games. 
Plus 1 package file for box art games recolors only.

I made 2 versions of kinetics, normal and float.
The float one you can put on top the console.
So you don't need to use the cheat at all. 

The box art has 15 designs. 
And each box has details on front, back and side.
Feel free to make your own recolor and share it with everyone.
Please use the file I included in folder and save with your own creator name.
The mesh is included so it won't be separated.

Please read my TOU & Sharing Policy HERE

To put these clutters on table or other surface you can use cheat 'bb.moveobjects on' then press '0' and '9' to move up and down. Press 'Alt' to move anywhere outside the grid.   

You can find these in Decor - Clutter category.  
The price are 60 and 350 simoleons.  

Mesh Info:
OBP Xbox Console 1
(577 vertices / 672 faces)
OBP Xbox Console 2 (155 vertices / 192 faces)
OBP Xbox Kinetic 1 & 2 (494 vertices / 624 faces)
OBP Xbox One Games (253 vertices / 304 faces)
Please tag ‘onebillionpixels’ if you use this in your picture.
I’ll reblog your post. Thanks!

Have fun!



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  1. the only sims thing my hubby would approve of haha awesome :)

  2. so wich file do i have to download now? why 6 files and then i should only install 4 or 5? what now?.

    1. You don't have to install 4 or 5 files.
      Just install the one you like and it should work just fine.
      I added more info to the post and you can read it.

  3. Cool! Do you plan on doing a ps4 version? ;)

    1. Thank you!
      I'm not gonna promise you anything but if I have time I'll make that.

  4. Can you make these compatible with the ones Nana did for playstation using your mesh? I only get one of yours to show up. :(

    1. Hi Anon, I think you should let Nana know about this so she'll fix it.
      I've checked her file with TSRW and it showed she replaced some of my recolors (Diffuse Maps) with hers. So that explains why in your game my recolors only showed up some.
      She should make recolors using the file I created specially for it so it won't replace my recolors.
      The file is included in the folder and the name is OBP Xbox One Games For Recolors Only.
      Please kindly ask her to fix it.
      And thank you for reporting me this.

  5. this is gonna be AMAZING when Get To Work comes out :D

    1. I know right, it's gonna so amazing and I can't wait for it! ^__^

  6. Can we get another download link? Adfly wont open the download link for me! Just keeps loading until I get an error.

    1. I just tested the download link and it works just fine.
      Please try it again.
      Thank you!

  7. ¡Esta genial! muy lindo para el hijo de mi sim ^w^ aunque me hubiera gustado que estuviera "gears of war" entre los juegos pero sigue siendo lindo, ¡gracias!

    1. Maybe someone will make that for you if you ask around. De nada! ^__^

  8. Awesome work love love your see haven't seen you do it for Sims 4 but so awesome you are
    since you made a Xbox one Recon you can make a PS4 and A PS vita

    1. Thank you! ^_^
      I'll make PS4 if I have time for it. But no promise.

  9. Aww wish you made a PS4 *sigh*...

  10. So since city livings here and we have a game console can we be hopeful for a functional version. If you have time of course! If not I'll understand☺😊☺

    1. I wish I could but I don't have City Living EP so I can't make a functional one.
      Maybe you can ask on tumblr if anyone wants to do that?
      I'm really okay with that as long as they link back to this post and tag me on their post.

  11. thank you! i love it i was searching the hole time for an Xbox one !i have a family with a gamerboy end i think he will love it ! i hope <3


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