Condoms & Lubricant Clutter


This was requested yesterday to make my condoms & lubricant clutter for TS4.
You can see TS3 version HERE.
Anyway, I decided to accept the request cause I know some of you like this clutter *cough*.
Also this is a second Valentine's gift from me and I hope you guys enjoy it!

To put these clutter on table or other surface you can use cheat 'bb.moveobjects on' then press '0' and '9' to move up and down. Press 'Alt' to move anywhere outside the grid.

You can find these in Decor - Clutter category. 
The prices are 5 and 10 simoleons. 
There's different designs for each clutter that you can choose from pictures below.

Mesh Info:
OBP Clutter Box Condom (48 vertices/ 28 faces)

OBP Clutter Condom 1 (98 vertices / 132 faces)
OBP Clutter Condom 2 (196 vertices / 264 faces)
OBP Clutter Lubricant (196 vertices / 280 faces)

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  1. OMG, it was very good kkkk

  2. Now my male sims can look like they wear condoms

  3. By far the best Sims mod ever.

  4. Does it actually work or its just decor ?

  5. Oh wow, I got very surprised to see this on the sweet blog xD
    I'll totally download it, thanks ! :D

  6. It won't download for me :( I click on the link, it bring me to sugarsync and then that's it. Nothing else happens. All it says is "NewOne shared a folder with you" but there's no option to download it or anything.

  7. Nice Collection. Perfect for my Sim girls to have in their rooms in the Bordello. XD

  8. Years later, I still love this CC! Keeps sim life real :-)


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