Cigarette Accessory V2


Here's my Cigarette Accessory V2.
You can get version 1 from here.

These can be found in Accessory - Ring section as standalone (new mesh) with custom thumbnails. If you don't see any custom thumbnail in CAS, just look for a image of left hand holding a cigarette. 
For males and females, teen to elder. There's 3 options for the cigarette on mouth: unlit, burnt and ash as shown in picture below.
Also, these are not animated so you won't see any smoke come out. I added the smoke in photoshop so it was fake.

Mesh info:
OBP Cigarette Accessory V2 Poly 36

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And please let me know if there's any problem with these cigarettes. 



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  1. Admire ur work!!!! Wishing some were for ts2, sent u a messege, can u email me with a reply

    1. Sorry for the later reply but I hope you read this.
      I never make anything for TS2 so I'm not familiar with the programs but I give full permission to anyone who wants to convert my stuff for that game.
      I hope you can understand this.
      You can ask these people below to help you to convert my stuff for TS2.
      They've done it before so they probably will do it again if you kindly ask them.

  2. can't download sugarsync is a terrible host apparently

    1. Hi Anon, it works perfectly fine for me and others so could you please try again? :)
      Please click on green button where it says download. Thank you! ^_^


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