Sim Dump


I decided to share my sims with you today.
If you downloaded my accessory layered shirt before then you must have seen these sims.
(You can see the picture below). 

They have the same custom content I used in the picture except for the long hair. I changed that with a short one cause it didn't look good close up (clipping around the shoulder).
Also, I changed back the skin color of one of these sims. He looks way better to me in dark skin. But feel free to change his skin or theirs to any skin color you like.

To get the exact look you'll have to use the same custom content I used for them.
Below the pictures of the sims I included the links where you can download them. Make sure you click those.

To install these sims, all you have to do is put all the files (there's 9 in total) in your Tray folder.
Documenst>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray
To uninstall, just delete them from your Library in The Gallery.

Please don't use these sims as a base to your creations, alter their facial features, or reupload them anywhere and claim them as your own.
But you are more than welcome to use them for story, movie, contest, modelling, etc.
Feel free to do so. 
Don't forget to link back and credit One Billion Pixels.

Have fun!


Cayden Madison

Bodybuilder | Self-Assured | Active | Bro

Custom Content:

Jayraj Nevarez

Painter Extraordinaire | Music Lover | Outgoing | Art Lover

Custom Content:
Martin Oakley

Musical Genius | Childish | Music Lover | Cheerful

Custom Content:

Tristan Summer

The curator | Outgoing | Bookworm | Loves Outdoors

Custom Content:
Xander Taylor V1

Friend of the World | Foodie | Materialistic | Goofball

Custom Content:

Xander Taylor V2

You can download him HERE


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All creators who made the CC
I used for these sims


  1. omg they are cute af. Would u mind uploading them to the gallery?

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but I only have those files. I don't have anything in the gallery.
      I want my game run fast so I delete everything from library.

      Are those files not working in your game?

    2. yea, i put the files into tray folder but they don't show up in my library.

    3. I'm sorry they don't show up in your library.
      But you can download them from my origin id: RoseMaryBlue
      Let me know if it's not working.


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