50 Requested Cubes


Last month I got a request to make some cubes with cats and dogs pictures. Sorry, it took me a while to make these cause I wasn't online much last weeks to find the pics I wanted to use.

But anyway, here are the cubes that I promised. In total there are 50 cubes; 25 cats and 25 dogs cubes in two meshes (by Karas)

So you have to install both files if you want to have them in your game.

The cubes are recolorable except the pictures part. You can find them under buy mode category as end table.
Both format (Sims3Pack and Package) in download file.

I hope you enjoy!

Cats Cubes

Dogs Cubes

Karas for the mesh
gemma correll


  1. This is so cuuute, thank you!!
    I esp love the cats cubes! :)

  2. @SimplyTheBest
    I see so you're team cat ;)
    You're welcome!

  3. Hello NewOne,
    You made me happy once again. I love them all. They are so cute and adorable. One of them (the white cat with little red hearts around her neck) looks so much like the one I've lost recently. I really appreciate not only your wonderful creations but also the fact that you took my request into consideration and provided lovely creations to all of us. Thank you so very much. Alets

  4. They're so cute, I have two dogs and two cats so this is perfect especially with Pets (or Unleashed) coming out in a few months! You rock NewOne :D

  5. Thank you, NewOne. :D These are really cute. I am in love with these cubes and you putting these cute cats and dogs make me happy! ♥ Great for Pets coming out!

  6. @Alets
    You're so welcome Alets!:)
    I liked the idea you gave me so I decided to make those cubes and I'm really glad you like them.
    Btw, very cute cat you had. I can understand how you feel about it.

    I didn't know you have cats and dogs. Thank you for telling me, Jeni.
    We only have one fish in the bowl (my daughter's pet) That's all we got ;)
    But I make sure we feed it everyday cause we don't want the little fish to go away.

  7. @Candy Lover
    Oops, sorry. I didn't see you here earlier.
    Anyway, I am so glad you really like these cubes, Candy! Please enjoy them! :)
    Can't wait for the EP to come out.


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