Cupcakes Redux

Hi guys!

Yes, the cupcakes are back! :)
No, I'm not obsessed with cupcakes. They're sweet and yummy and I love them. But the reason the cupcakes have to come back is I have to replace the old ones (For the Love of Cupcakes) with these. 

Due to "copyright theft" (roll eyes) I had to remove the download link and all the preview pictures I've taken.

You can read the comments on that post to find more about it. Here's the link.
Sorry but I have to disable the comment form on that post cause I don't want more people coming here just to accuse me of things.
I did what that person asked me to do so don't come here and say shit to me again!

Anyway, here are all the fresh cupcakes I baked for you. ;)
You'll get cubes, pillows, plates and prints.
The cubes, pillows and plates are recolorable as you can see in pics.
The horizontal shape prints are big and good for large rooms. They're perfect for bakery or cake shops.
I think all these cupcakes are good for making a cupcake shop but you can also use them to decorate your sims house. Just think outside the box! :)

The pillows are for floor but you'll need OMSP if you want to place them on the couch or chair. You can get OMSP from here.
You can place the pillows on top of the cubes. No need OMSP for that.

You need patch 1.26 (PETS Patch) or higher to install these.
Both format (Sims3pack and Package) are in download file.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

for their mesh and for being so generous with their policy.
(Love ya guys! :)


  1. Thank you, you are very generous to create and share your work with us.

  2. I'm truly sorry about all the copyright trouble you had with the last batch of cupcake deco. If it means anything, I think this set is even better! You're an amazing creator. Thank you. :D

  3. @Anon and Infarium
    Aww, you guys are so welcome! :)
    I'm really happy you like my work.
    And thank you for your kind words as well. Your support means a lot to me! <333

  4. I LOVE this new set! And in my point of view you did the right thing put one link for her blog and credit the images. I saw that as a sign of goog faith.

    Thank you for put all that away and share with us a lovely set. My sims will enjoy! :D

  5. I love cupcakes too, thanks so much for these. And it's okay if you weren't able to use those other graphics because I actually likes this set better! <3

  6. Hello NewOne,

    OMG I did not realize that you could be faced with such a unwanted and uncalled for problems in your kind way of making these beautiful objects and share them with us for free. If I would have been the artist,I would've seen these issue as a free advertising, but hey that is me. My dear, please do not feel bad, we all love your work and we are so thankful to you. Please do not give up..there are lots of nice people who love your creations and appreciate all your hard work and kindness. I love these new creations not only for the images but for the kind of the heart of the artist who made them. Thank you a million ... Alets

  7. @Madam Pink, Alets and Anon
    You're very welcome!
    I made sure this set will be better than the old ones so everybody will like them better. ;)

    Alets, you are absolutely right about it. I was trying to help that artist when I used her art but I guess she got it wrong.
    I really wish you were the one who made those paintings. ;)

    And thank you for your and everyone's kindness! <333

  8. O.o WoooooW!!!

    My eyes almost popped when I saw this! The others are right, this is even better! OMG, & funny!! I am sorry about the trouble, but I am secretly, - ok its not a secret now, happy that you redid this, so we can now have these!

    PLEASE keep up the fantastic work!

    P.S. Seeing as I have seen A LOT of "copyrighted" art works used on Sims items, I am also surprises they didn't want "free" advertising. I never knew about the art/artist before a lot of the Sims CC. Their loss now I guess.
    Good example is an artist that I never knew of before, of course charges for her "digital art", yet I see Hershey's bottle in one of the photos she had. Wonder if she got permission from Hershey's? She charges, you don't...just saying....Some people can be the worst hypocrites, but what do I know? LOl!

  9. Hey Newone!

    I was wondering what happened to the cupcake set you made cause I was gonnna download it a couple of days ago lol....but now I know why...*shakes head* You credited the lady and you weren't even selling anything....Got one word for her.... LAME!

    This is a cute cute set and I LOVE your work,Thanks for sharing! <3

  10. Wow! Sorry to hear about that. She should of never come at you like that! It wasn't your fault!
    Anyways- these cupcakes look yummier than the last batch! Thanks! :)

  11. @SimplyThe Best
    Thank you so much for thanking me and for telling me your secret! <3
    I feel like I just got confessed to. LOL, just kidding! ;)
    But your kind words really made me smile.
    I'm so grateful for you and everyone here who are so kind to me!
    (And you're welcome!)

    So sorry you couldn't download the last batch. And I know other people came here for that too but only
    to find the download link or the whole post was removed. That's why I made this set to
    replace the last one.
    And I'm so glad that you guys like these cupcakes better. :)

    And you're welcome Amanda!
    I LOVE your work too! You have your own style and I started making wall clocks after I saw yours
    on your blog (Now you know my secret ;)

    I know right, they're yummier. Wish I could have them for real. ;)
    And I think the whole thing is a misunderstanding.
    You're also welcome!

  12. Wow i these are really cute and i think they look good :D

    (Check out my blog:)

  13. @A.k.a Frajn
    Thank you for your comment and for telling me about your blog! :)

  14. Hate to gush but your creations are amazing ='D

  15. I don't know if I want to smack the Crazy Cupcake Lady for making a mountain out of a molehill or if I want to thank her--because now I have MORE cupcakes! LOL

    Thank You!

  16. @Darkling
    (Sorry for the late reply. I just came back from a trip)
    LOL, I don't know either Darkling.
    But I know I like Crazy Cat Lady for sure! ;)

    You're welcome!

  17. Gee, this set is absolutely lovely ♥
    I'm really glad I added this blog to my RSS :)

    I didn´t get the chance to see the previous set however, as I was away from the computer for a while.

    But on that matter, well, I don´t think the owner of the pics was being particularly rude (well, maybe on her first comment, but then she made a more complete comment).
    I like to draw/paint, and make my own "art", some of which I've uploaded to the internet, and even though I don´t yet make any profit out of them, I HAVE had them used without my previous consent, and it can be an ugly matter when you find out (depending of course on who did it and how they used it). Now imagine if you make a living out of your art and etc.
    Copyrighted art usage on the internet is a delicate matter, and most people tend to forget how the artist might feel about it, and that they DO have the right to claim usage of their own artwork :/
    It also depends on how you find out too; if people ask me to use my artwork for non-profit stuff, 99% of the time I'll say: "Sure, go ahead; but make sure to credit me properly and link back". But some people won't allow it, and I'm sure they have their good reasons for that.

    Gah, sorry, I got carried away >_<
    I wouldn't like you to think I'm flaming or something...
    I know you meant no harm and just wanted to make the cutest objects for all of us sim fans :)
    It´s just that everybody is critizicing the artist for what she did, but I kinda know what it feels like on her end :/

  18. P.S.: aaagh, looking at those images again has made me so hungry, my stomach's growling xD



  20. @Anon


  21. Your blog sweetens up me and my Simmies' lives. Thank you so much for the kawaii-cuteness~!! \(>W<)/

    Thank you so much for sharing~<3

  22. Thank you so much for sharing! Your objects are so cute! =.^.= Keep up the good work. And sorry about the mess with the artist. I could see a problem if you were using them for profit, or hadn't credited the artist, but in a sense you were helping promote the art - I had never heard of Catherine Holman before. I am an artist as well, and I would be pretty upset if someone were using my work for profit, or without crediting me - but if I knew my art work was going to be seen by thousands of people and linked to my website, I would be happy to take the free "plugs". Hehe. Thanks so much again! My sims have deliciously cute surroundings, thanks to you! :)

  23. I just stumbled across your blog for the 1st time last night, and I am so very glad and thankful that I did!! ^_^
    Your creations and creativity are amazing, your work is so beautiful and fun.. *sighs* I am just in love with your creations and this blog!

    I must admit when I can across the first cupcake set first and realized it was gone it made me so sad, I had an image of a sad kitty picture come to mind with the caption "I cant has no cupdidcakes?" (╥﹏╥)
    So I'm soooo very happy and excited to see that you made this amazing set and shared it. I absolutely love it! And I know that my Sims will too.. I have so many ideas for them. =D Thank you! Thank you!

    Sincerely ~A new fan

  24. These are very cute! I have to agree with 4thStar though. I thought that the artist was very nice considering the circumstances. You should think about apologizing to her.

    I'm not trying to be rude, because you didn't know. But you could've gotten in big trouble for what you did and how you reacted.

    Thanks again for your creations! They're lovely :)

  25. I love it! This is so cute! Thanks for sharing this!

  26. Hi there. Firstly, wow! Your stuff is really amazing. I was just wondering whether these could crash my game, with them not being updated to patch 1.26/Pets?

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      I just upload the Pets version so now you can download. Thank you for asking and I hope you enjoy these! :)
      Have fun!

  27. You're really very kind and seem very sweet. Thank you so much : ) x

  28. P.s. I was the "Anonymous" who asked about whether these lovely items could crash my game with them not being updated to Pets, so thank you for being so prompt in action and in your reply : )

    1. (Sorry for the late reply)
      Thank you for your kind words and for coming back here. I really appreciate it.
      I hope you got the file and you have these in your game now.

  29. The link isn't working for me. I have downloaded it in the past, but have had to redownload. Please update it! I loooove this set and really miss having it in my game! <3

    1. I just fixed the download link so you can redownload the file now. Enjoy!

  30. This was very cool! Keep up the amazing work! :)

  31. Hi!! I'm your new fan! I hope you would continue creating amazing CC! I love all your creations. You're too kind and generous to give em for free.

    Though it happened years ago, I wish people would stop asking you to apologize. You did nothing wrong. She should be honored to have her work featured in this game. :P

    Ahh.. now my bakery is complete. THANK YOU SO MUCH XOXO

    Love from Malaysia!


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