For the Love of Cupcakes (cubes, paintings, pillows, wall plates)

I replaced this cupcake set with this one


I love cupcakes. Do you like cupcakes? :)
There's this show called Cupcake Wars I always see on tv (Food channel). I love how every contestant try to make cupcakes not just taste good but also look good. The winner get the prize money as well as show off their cupcakes on a big event. Very great show!

Anyway, I made this set with cupcake paintings I got from here.
You'll get 2 sets of paintings, cubes, pillows and wall plates. So now you can decorate your sims houses with a lot of cupcakes. Yay? ;)

The cubes are recolorable except the picture part. The same thing with paintings set 2, you can recolor the frame/side part.
I used OMSP for the pillow in the pic preview so I could put it on the chair. You can get it from here.

Both format (Sims3Pack and Package) are in the download file. Just pick the one you like to install.

I hope you like this cupcake set as much as I do :)



Sorry but I have to remove the download link and the preview pictures.
Please read the comments below.


Fine Art America for Catherine Holman paintings
aglaia for the painting mesh
b5Studio for the wall plate mesh
Karas for the cube mesh
The Land Of Woe for the painting mesh
Simply Styling for the pillow mesh


  1. I was searching for cupcakes paintings for my sims's kitchen! And you offer me so much moooore! I'm just crazy for those cubes and it's peeerfeeect! Thank you!

  2. @Pink Stardust
    Yay, I'm happy for you! :)
    I'm sure your kitchen will look fabulous with those cubes ;) And you're welcome!

  3. Hello dear,

    I love cupcakes too but I can not have as many as I would like (too much sugar)so I will just download your lovely cupcakes creations for my Sims. They (Sims) and me of course can have as many as you made for us with so much talent. Thank you very much. Can you make some with cats on? ;) I am just kidding...HA! I think you know me "the crazy cat lady". May by some cubes with cats and other animals and flowers.I hope you do not mind me asking. Alets

  4. Those are beautiful! Some of them will be very useful for me. You've posted them just in time! :D
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. @Alets
    Absolutely I can make some animal themed cubes cause we're gonna have Pets expansion soon.
    But it's gonna be a while cause I'm working on a project right now.

    You can get my other cubes from this link:
    Some of them have butterflies, birds and flowers.

    And you're welcome! I'm glad you like the cupcakes :)

    Oh, I'm so happy to hear that! Have fun with them ok! :)

  6. These are quite lovely & cheerful, I love it!!
    Thanks so much.
    And I second the cats, since I have them in real life & adore pics of them.
    BTW, sorry for dumb question but do I need any additional meshes(from your credits list) besides the download you provided?
    Thanks again!

  7. @Anon
    I'm glad you like them
    You're welcome.
    I'll make those cubes definetely ;)
    And you don't need to download the meshes at all cause they're included in files. But I had to credit the creators of the meshes I used.
    Again you're welcome!

  8. I've been using your beautiful items (and even more beautiful male sims) in my game forever. ^_^ These prints are just as lovely as everything else you make. Thank you.

    ...and I love that show, as well!

  9. @Darkling
    Thank you for your kind words, dear! :)
    It's been a long time since the last time I made male sims. I know I need to work on that again.
    But my sims (the boys) are doing great! They're busy with their life ;)
    Anyway, I'm really glad you like the cupcakes.
    You're welcome!

  10. These images are copyright protected as mentioned in my blog. Please remove them. I'm not sure how you removed the copyright off the images either. I put it on them for this very reason. My licensing agent won't be any more happy of this use of my artwork than I am.
    Catherine Holman

  11. @Catherine Holman
    I didn't remove the copyright off the images at all. They're still there. I got them from Fine
    And I didn't sell your art for money, they are only for sims game and I didn't charge anybody when they download them.
    I also credit you and link back to your site.

    You can see other people who use art to make wall paintings just like what I did here:

    Some of them credit the artist and some of them didn't.
    I did my best to credit you and link back to your site.
    And I didn't do this to make money either.

    Please tell me if what I did is wrong?
    And did anybody inform you about this like telling you in email or something? Cause I've been getting attack messages lately.

    Thank you for your comment!

  12. I'm not sure where you saved the images from, but on my blog each of the images had "copyright Catherine Holman" typed through the center of each image. I can see that my signature is still on there, but if you go to my blog, you will see what I'm talking about. Also, on my blog it states in the right sidebar: Please note, all artwork, photos, and postings are copyrighted. Contact Catherine Holman for permission before using them in any form.
    Could you please tell me where you were able to get the images without the copyright typed through the center? This will help me to clear up this matter.
    I realize you weren't making money from this, but I do make money on my artwork and you should always check with the artist first. I also license this artwork and can't just give it away. I appreciate you crediting my artwork and that is how I found the link to your blog. Also, google sends me messages when my name is mentioned. I understand that you didn't realize this was wrong, but copyright is always very serious and should be checked before using someone else's artwork in any form.

    I don't mean to sound like I'm giving you the right act, but would appreciate you removing this post so that others don't download my artwork. Also, please let me know where you were able to download these images without the typing through the photograph, so that I can take care of this matter.
    Thank you,

  13. I just read that you said you got them from fine art america and I will be going there to change them.

  14. @Catherine Holman
    I just disabled the download link.
    I hope that's enough for you.

    Again, I didn't steal you artwork. But I guess credit and link back won't do.

  15. I did not use the word steal. Please remove my artwork from your blog. Credit and link isn't enough because you didn't even ask me. Even if you had asked I would not give anyone permission to give away my artwork for everyone else to download.

  16. @Catherine Holman
    For the last time I'm gonna say this..
    Please do not come here again and tell me what to do!
    I own this blog and I have the right to post whatever I want!!

    I already disabled the download link so nobody can have access to it.
    Please deal with it!

    Like I said I got pictures of your cupcakes from Fine Art America and not from your blog!
    It's true you made the paintings but that site who host the pictures I used to make my stuff.
    So they are the ones who should be butthurt about this matter not you.

    "Even if you had asked I would not give anyone permission to give away my artwork for everyone else to download"
    Really?! Wow. I'm lost for words.
    Ever heard the word 'Generosity'?
    I guess you haven't.

    Jeeze lady, just knock it off already! ;)

  17. Actually you do not have the right to post whatever you wish on the www. Copyright theft is a serious issue. It is ILLEGAL to use any images that you yourself are not the creator of and posting it here, know as publishing, is also, therefore, illegal.

    You are exercising one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder, Catherine Holman, without authorisation. If Blogger find out you can lose your whole site. Is it really worth it?