10 Hall Cabinets

Hello again!

This time I have a set of 10 hall cabinets (mesh by Jope) that you can find under category Misc Surfaces.
It's recolorable except for the art part as you can see in pic preview.
The cabinet is not too big so you can place it in a small room anywhere in the house but it's only a decor so your sims cannot use it at all.
I know it will be cool if they can use it as a fully functional cabinet.

Anyway, I hope you'll like these and they can be useful for your game.
Both format (Sims3pack and Package) are in download file. 10 cabinets in one mesh only.

Have fun!


Mesh by Jope
Candles by me
Chair by pocci
Wall by gelydh
Vase by simcredible

Art Sources:
[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]
[6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10]


  1. This is so gorgeous! Very pretty and natural. Thank you! I love your stuff! ♥

  2. @Candy Lover
    Aww, thank you for liking my stuff Candy! ;)
    I love your stuff too! <3

  3. Dear Newone,
    See what you did...you made me download this one too...I love it...It is gorgeous and chic..yes is me again..."crazy cat lady"..Thank you dear for your natural talent and the will to share your lovely creations with us. Alets

  4. @Anon
    Is Alets your name?
    Anyway, so glad to see you here again and you still like the cabinets even though I don't have cats on it ;)
    And you're welcome.

  5. @Louma 37
    Thank you Louma! <33

  6. Hello dear NewOne,

    My name is Stela (yes one l)- cyber name is Alets, I am from Canada and I love your stuff. Thank you for your lovely creations which fill my "hobby life" with so much joy.Alets

  7. @Alets aka Stela
    Thank you for telling me your name.
    I see so it's a reverse name. I like the idea :)

  8. I just found you because I'm new to Sims and I'm totally heartbroken to find that ALL of your links are down! What has happened to you?


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