Multi Colored Candles Part Deux

Hi again!
This is part deux (or part two) of the multi colored candles.
Part one is here

I want to thank Sunhair specially for converting these beautiful candles and for helping me fix the glitch candles I mentioned in previous post. So I made these recolors for her as my thank you gift. And I'm sure she doesn't mind sharing these with y'all. ;)

For these candles to work properly you'll need Multi Candle Enabler mod by Granthes (I already included it in download file. So no worries, relax and have fun! :)
You only need to install just one for all the candles (just place it in your mods folder)
Credit goes to Granthes for this and for being so kind trying to help me with the glitch problem.

Also for the preview pics I recolored the candles with solid colors only. But you can use the patterns if you want to (please see the channels pic to give you idea on how to apply the pattern)
I just thought the gradient ones work better for these pics.

There's Sims3pack and Package files inside the download file and you need to install all the 3 candles if you want them to show up in your game.

Have Fun!

Multi Colored Candles
part deux

All 3 group of candles have 3 channels (the candle and the wick)
Meshes are converted by Sunhair
Multi Candle Enabler mod by Granthes

RGB Channels

Sunhair for the meshes, policy and help
Granthes for the mod and OMSP in pics (invisible but they were there! ;)
morphead for the reflective floor
Gelydh and Aikea Guinea for the wall and roses
The rest CC I cannot remember where I got them (sorry)
but I'll appreciate it if anyone can help me with the links ;)


  1. Oh my these are gorgeous newone! Thank you so much for the lovely gift! I'll most certainly be abusing these in my game!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you like my gift! :)
    You're welcome, Sunhair.
    These candles won't exist if you didn't convert them so again thank you! <3

  3. Beautiful set! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Thank you very much ... very beautiful candles!

  5. You're welcome IMHO!
    Glad you like 'em.

  6. Could you please make separate files, too?

  7. @Anon above
    But they are separate files.
    I don't get what you mean. Sorry.
    Care to explain?

  8. Ok, sorry. I misunderstood something in the text and wasn't at home, so I didn't check the file. Sorry for inconveniences!

  9. No problem! :)
    Thanks for coming back here and for the reply.

  10. oh i have made a cake like that one too and i was so in love with it i made a candle that looked exactly like the cake . check it out here on my blog i posted a picture of it , LOL! htttp://

  11. hello~~i love these lovely candles so much~THX a LOT~~

  12. the download link doesnt work anymore :(

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I've fixed the link so you can redownload now. Enjoy! ^_^

  13. I love these! I seem to be having the same problem as you though. The flames are not floating where they're supposed to be. Do you know of a possible fix for this?


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