Leaf Earrings

Here are 3 leaf (shaped) earrings I made with a custom mesh by Tomislaw.
You can see his original version here.

I saw it the other day and I thought it will make some cute earrings. So I tried my hands at making some earrings (for the first time) and the result was not disappointing at all.
My favorite one is N1 but I do like all the three a lot. ;)
Which one is yours?

Anyway, I think they look really good on our sims ladies for any occasion.
You can see in the recolors I made in CAS in pics preview.
Yes, they are fully recolorable just like the original version so you can recolor them to your heart's content. ;)

You have to install all three files (sims3pack & Package are available) if you want them to show up in your game. No CAS custom thumbnail but I think you'll find them really easy.

Enjoy and Have fun!

Leaf Earrings
All 3 earrings are recolorable
2 channels
They can be found under category Accessories
Mesh by Tomislaw


Tomislaw  for the mesh
Anubis for the hair retextures
(model N1 & N3 aka Alice & Madeline)
(model N2 aka Scarlett)
Ephemera for the skin
Watermelon field for the eyes
Channy & Vivin for the lip gloss
emmzx for the eyeshadow
Subaxi aka watermelon field for the brows
Breyete & the Sims for the eyeliner & blush


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