Yin & Yang Necklace

Hi all!

First off, did you guys see on tv Joplin Tornado in Missouri recently?
My heart is broken when I saw it. It looks just like a war zone.

It's unthinkable, unspeakable.
Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow.

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.
"Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow"

Anyway, to business... I made this necklace with custom mesh by TumTum Simiolino (My Blue Book) Yup, I think y'all must have seen it.
So if you have his version and install it in your game then you only need to install just one file: OBP Yin & Yang Necklace Base.

But if you haven't, you need to install both files: OBP Yin & Yang Necklace Fit (for bigger/muscular sims)and OBP Yin & Yang Necklace Base (for skinny sims) to make it works.

Both format Sims3pack and Package are in download file. Just pick the one you like.

The chain is recolorable but the pendant isn't.
Also, I made custom thumbnail for Base and Fit Necklaces so you'll find them easy in CAS.

Happy Simming!

Yin & Yang
Necklace for Males

Recolorable 1 part only
Custom CAS thumbnail
Just install Base file if you have the original version
but install both (Base and Fit) files if you don't

Model and CC by me:


TumTum Simiolino for the mesh and policy
Myos for the hair
Astray Sims for the piercing
kittyklan for the chinstrap
Ephemera for the skin
Lemon Leaf for the eyeliner
Watermelon field for the eyes and brows
Club Crimsyn for default replacement shirt


  1. Wow!Looks amazing :B

    PS:I'm Tumtum...I'm having problems to login T.T

  2. Thank you! :)
    I'm so glad you like it.

    I did have problem too but I kept trying and finally made it. ;)

  3. It's awesome, love it!! Thank you, Newone

  4. You're welcome, reminiscence! :)
    Have fun!

  5. Replies
    1. I've fixed the link so you can redownload now. Enjoy!


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