Multi Colored & Pillar Candles


You guys must think I'm obsessed or somehing cause I made a bunch of recolors of this type of candle only.
Well, I am not cause I intended to make some recolors of other candles, the ones that also made by Sunhair (group of 10 candles/Aelia's Color Action) but weird thing happened in my game.

The candle is working or are working (plural) but there was this glitch cause the flames floating far above the candles.
You can see the pic here 

And I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix that stupid problem. So that explains why I ended up making recolors of this candle only.

Oh btw, I got pink eye when I was working on this.
For days I could not see well without my contact lens and, on top of that, I had to take care of my baby and her big sister while I tried my hardest so they don't catch the goddamned pink eye from me. Tough shit.

Anyway, if you guys can help me solve the gitch problem then I'll add more recolors.
That is if you are interested. Please let me know.

And if you find other mesh (candle) that you want me to make recolors just drop me a line, m'kay?

Have fun with these!

Please read the info below!

For these candles to work properly you need Multi Candle Enabler mod by Granthes
(Btw, I already included it in download files to save your time ;)
You only need to instal one (just place it in your mods folder, plz)

Multi Colored Candles

Set 1 & 2 are recolorable/CASTable
Set 1 has 3 channels - 4 parts (the candle and wick)
Set 2 has 2 channels - 3 parts (the candle and wick)

Mesh is converted by Sunhair
You need to install both sets if you want them to show up in your game

All patterns are from base game
See the pics below just to give you idea of how these candles can be recolored

Pillar Candles

20 recolors in one set
Non recolorable (sorry)

Mesh is converted by Sunhair
You need to install set 1 & 2 if you want to have all 40 recolors in your game.
Patterns by COLOURlovers & Amy Butler

(Click on the pics to enlarge)



Sunhair for the mesh and her policy
Amy Butler


  1. They're lovely! And it's great that they're not only decor but they actually light up. Thanks for sharing it, and congratulations for your other beautiful creations! :)

  2. These are wonderful :) My favorite is Set 2 of these! You did a wonderful job on these!
    Oh btw I sent you an email.

  3. @Ceridwen Taliesin
    You're welcome ! :)
    And thanks for your kind words.

    Thank you, Sunhair! So glad you like them. :)
    And I did get your email and have replied to it.

  4. Thanks so much! These are beautiful!

  5. @daluved1
    You're welcome, dal! :)
    And thank you for your comment and for stopping by.

  6. Thank you for these beautiful recolours!

  7. @simsfvr
    You're welcome and enjoy! :)

  8. Wow, these are amazing. Thanks for sharing :)
    You said the patterns are by COLOURLovers and Amy Butler, where can I download all the patterns in the Pilar Candles(both sets) from? Thanks

  9. @Tii
    The patterns are not downloadable but you can browse the sites just to look at them.

    Amy Butler

    I made those candles with the patterns but they are not recolorable so their colors will always stay the same.
    I hope get what I mean.

    Anyway, have fun browsing!

  10. Thanks, the patterns are so beautiful, I want them in my game!!!!

  11. I usually don't use candles but these are beautiful, so why not? Thanks!!

  12. @Jenipunch
    Yeah, why not? ;)
    You're welcome, Jeni! I'm glad you like them.

  13. Very beautiful!!! Thanks...these are lovely. I am so happy!!!


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