24 Bird Clocks


Sorry for the lack update but today I'm back with new stuff.
24 wall clocks in one mesh only with theme 'Bird'. So you'll find bird(s) on all these clocks.

The mesh by The Verona Relapse and the art I got from Etsy (various artists)
These clocks are working and recolorable as you can see in picture.

Both format (Sims3pack and Package) are in download file. Just pick the one you like.
I hope you like these clocks and they're useful for your game.

Have Fun!

The Verona Relapse for the mesh
loriamckee for her art
Various artists from Etsy for the art
(I am very sorry but I cannot remember their names cause I used so many different arts)


  1. These clocks are Great!

    Love em! Thank you! <3

  2. @Amanda
    You're welcome! :)
    I'm really glad you like them.

  3. so apparently youre in the habit of COPYING OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK without giving them the credit they DESERVE for the time they spent creating that work.

    And then when they come to claim that credit, you decide to delete their comments.

    Well, I've been very nice, and very reasonable. I told you I dont mind you using my work, so long as I receive credit for it. Yet you dont respond to my email, and you dont delete my comments.

    So, you leave me no choice but to personally notify every person whose work you have used without permission, so that we can all report the copyright violation to blogger.

    You have a few hours before I start this process. If I do not receive credit for my work, I will start notifying others, and we will start reporting.


  4. @Lori
    I just sent you reply to your email (about this matter) before I reply to your comment above.
    I hope you get it and you are more than welcome to write me back anytime.
    And I added the link to your shop in my post after I read your previous comment.
    Sorry I had to delete it since I want to talk about it in email.
    Thank you for your comment! :)

  5. @Lori
    The link to your shop is below the download link.
    Just scroll down the whole post and you'll find it.

  6. These are really cute!

  7. @Aglaia
    Thank you and please enjoy! :)


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