30 Retro Wall Plates


This time I have 30 retro wall plates for you.
I guarantee it will make you giggle every time you see these plates cause it's so funny ;)

The mesh by Pilar but modified by b5Studio.
The art I got from Etsy (by picardcreative) and originally these are magnets for fridge. But I decided to make these as wall plates since I couldn't find the mesh for the magnet, also they look better as wall plates in game.

All 30 designs are in one mesh. Non recolorable.
Also they are shiftable so you can decorate (any) room with these as many as you want.
Both format (Sims3pack and Package) are in download file. Just pick the one you like.

Happy Simming Y'all!

b5Studio for the mesh
picardcreative for the art


  1. Thank you for these! Retro is the best. ♥

  2. You're welcome! :)
    And I love retro.

  3. "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere"

    Reference to Meatloaf?

  4. I simply love your work and had to stop by and thank you! I hope others take the time to appreciate the hard work that bloggers like you put into creating and converting quality items for free!

  5. @Junmato
    Thank you for your kind words! :)
    I really appreciate it.

  6. All your posts are great, but this one... this one got me. I'm absolutely downloading it to my game :D All five stars!

  7. @Anon
    LOL, I love these wallplates too. They're too funny ;)
    I'm so glad you like them. Have Fun! :)

  8. The link dosent work, please, fix it.


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