Lovely Emoticons Pillows

Today I'm back with new stuff for y'all.
I made these pillows with some emoticons. They're super cute! :)
In total there's 14 pillows; 7 blue emoticons and 7 pink emoticons (in one mesh only by Mango-Sims)
The blue ones are the guys and the pinks ones are the girls. So you can pair them up to make them couples (LOL) as you can see in pics preview.

Anyway, these pillows are supposedly for the floor (pillow floor) but with OMSP you can place them anywhere you want.
(You can get OMSP from here. And I use this one for my game)
Also they are recolorable/CAStable except for the emoticons.

Both Sims3pack & Package are in download file. Please install only one!

Please tag ‘onebillionpixels’ if you use this in your picture.
I’ll reblog your post. Thanks!

Have Fun!

Mango-Sims for the mesh
vectorsdownload for the emoticons
morphead for the reflective floors


  1. These are so cute! <3

    Thank you!

  2. @Amanda
    Aww, thank you! <3
    I hope you enjoy 'em.

    And you're welcome!
    Kinda confusing (my reply ;)

  3. These are very creative! Thanks...

  4. @Jasumi
    You're welcome! :)
    I'm glad you like them.

  5. Ooo these will be fun, I can match a pillow to a Sim's expression in a scene (like if the Sim is having a bad day the pillows are laughing at him hehe)

    I love your stuff Newone, thanks!!!

  6. I love them! But I've never heard about OMSP (damn acronyms xD), I'm guessing it's the one more slot package... thing? But could you explain us what to do to get it and how can we then place the pillows somewhere (like on a sofa for example) using it?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. @Half Blood, Half Sand
    You're welcome! :)

    Hey, that's a really cool idea! I would love to see that, Jeni. :)

    And you're welcome! So glad you like my stuff. <3

    I added the links to OMSP in my post.
    And the one that I use in my game now is from MTS.
    If you click on that link it will take you to the download link. And you can read there the instruction on how to use it as well.
    Sorry, but I can't explain it with my own words so I let the creator do his job. ;)

    You're welcome!

  8. ahhhwww I love youre stuff, I love you xDD Thank you for this. >w<

  9. I really really like those pillows =) would you mind if i give them some recolors ? bec. in ur TOU you says to ask you first ..

  10. @Lya
    You're welcome, Lya!
    And I love you too ;)

    @Louma 37
    I don't mind at all. So go ahead, make recolors as many as you like. :)
    And thank you for asking me first, I really appreciate it.

  11. Love these, so adorable! Thank you very much! :)

  12. This is cute! :D Your really good at making things ;o

  13. This is causing an error when I start up?

    1. Can you please tell me what exactly happened?
      So far nobody has that problem.
      Did you put the file in the right folder?
      Thank you!


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