Multi Necklaces 2

Hello there!

Here's the second set of multi necklaces.
You can get the first one HERE.
Anyway, these can be found in Accessory - Necklace as a standalone with custom thumbnails. For males only, teen to elder.
There's tusk and round pendant necklaces in one set so they are not separated. There's eight (8) options you can choose as shown in picture.

Mesh Info:
OBP Multi Necklaces 2
1316 Poly  

If you want to have Xander you can get him from here: 
And here's custom content I used for him in the pictures:
Skin | Brows | Lashes | Eyes | PiercingsHair | Shirt
Make sure you click these links. 

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  1. I can't download his hair!

    1. Please try this link:
      Wait for 5 seconds then click Skip Ad on top right.

    2. Continue appearing 403 Forbidden

    3. Hi Anon, sorry but I think you missed my new reply (I deleted the old one)
      I checked the site and found out that now you can download the hair right away from the link. So you don't need to register to download this hair.
      Please try it again.

    4. No, I read the right one. I think that Elasims is blocked on my country because in a sima community some users are reporting that, from Spain you can't enter to the site, so I will need a proxy server or something like that to U.S or South America. Anyway I will enter on that link so thanks!. I will tell you the results

  2. Looks like Elasims is down, and now how do i should get the Hair?


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