Axent Headphones (The Sims 3)


Here's Axent Wear headphones I made originally for TS4 now for TS3 as requested on my tumblr.
You can get TS4 version from HERE.

Anyway! I made these based on real version of Axent Wear headphones that you can see here.
I tried my best to make low poly mesh with all details at the same time but it ends up at 5872 poly. So if your computer can handle high poly custom hairs then you can have these in your game.

And these are for males and females, teen to elder.
These can be found in Accessory - Earring and it's recolorable 1 channel only.
Custom thumbnails are included so you'll find these very easy in CAS.

Please ignore any weird texture in CAS. I promise they look good in game.

I made these with the latest patch 1.67 and these are base game compatible. 
Also both format (Sims3Pack and Package) are included in folder. Please install only one!

Please tag 'onebillionpixels' if you use this in your picture on tumblr.
I'll reblog your post. Thanks!

Have fun!



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  1. Thank you for converting those for us! <3

    1. You're welcome! I hope you have fun with them in your game. ^_^

  2. I'm glad you decided to make this for ts3. Thank for your effort!
    Also your guy model is super hot *_*

    1. Yes, I decided to do it cause I didn't see anyone make something like this for TS3.
      Thank you! I'm glad you like him. He's my very old sim Hayden Xavier from my MTS page but I gave him different CC.^_^
      I'll try to make his lookbook on my tumblr.

    2. oh it's Hayden Xavier?! I loved that Mts Sim, I used to play with him in my sim Games back in the good ol' days ^^

  3. Wow!!! How cool! Amazing work with this! BTW where in the world did you get that custom CC for Hayden? I love how well it goes with the headphones! :D Is there a Sims 4 download version for this model? The model and the headphones are to die for!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it. ^_^
      Anyway, you can see his cc list from my tumblr post here:
      Click Lookbook.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Oh I forgot to mention, if there's no TS4 version for Hayden, are you going to convert him to TS4? I know this sounds needy it's just...GAAAUUGH!!!! Too much amazingness! I hope you understand what I'm feeling.\(≧▽≦)/

    1. I'll try to convert him for TS4. I'm not sure if I can get his exact look but hopefully.
      And don't worry, I understand you perfectly.
      Besides I need to make his TS4 version for my game.

  5. What is the female hair used in the example? I can't find it anywhere

  6. Hey! Who is the male model you used? Is he available for download? I don't have a youtube channel or blog or anything so you dont have to worry about copy right or whatever...

  7. and if i were to download him, would he be able to look exactly like your model?


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