Broken Links

Hi everyone!

Some of you may notice a lot of the download links are not working.
I am trying to fix them but it's gonna take a while.
I still have some files on my computer but there are some that I lost.

I will update this post just in case I need your help with finding the ones I lost. Maybe you have them and you can send them to me. I will forever thank you for your help!

Also I need to tell you this, please Do Not reupload my stuff to other sites without my permission.
I worked so hard to make them (they are my labour of love) so please respect my policy, do not reupload them to any site!

Thank you so much for reading this!

Best wishes,



  1. Hey NewOne,

    I know you are aware of the issue, but can you please kindly reupload these files? I use to have them on my hard-drive but they have since disappeared


    thank you <3

    1. Sorry about that but I've fixed the download links so you can download now. You're welcome.

  2. hey um just letting you know the whole deco coasters page has disappeared, the link to its page doesn't work, so i obviously dont know about the download link's status but it probably should be checked lol. oh and the 2013 calendars download link isn't working, and also the page doesnt open for the iphone 4 skins. I dunno if maybe these are on purpose or you already know about these particular issues, if not im just telling you about them so that you know! :)

    1. (Sorry for the late reply but I hope you read this)
      I've fixed the 2013 calendars download link on my tumblr.
      As for deco coasters and iphone skins, I lost their files and I don't know if I can ever get them back so for now those pages revert to drafts.
      Thank so much for your help! I really appreciate it! ^_^

  3. The maccarooms are not working!! I hope you can fix the links D: they're so beautiful and i can't have it in my game, that's driving me nuts!

    1. Sorry about that but I've fixed the link so you can download now. Enjoy!

  4. Hey there NewOne I hope you read this :)

    I noticed a lot of links I had over at LivingSims were linking to blank pages and honestly I just started deleting them. Then I saw this post. So sorry you lost some of your wonderful creations. I am surprised a lot more people haven't offered to share with you what they have.

    Anyways, I don't have many files of yours but what I do have is here
    Hopefully there are some things you were missing :)

    SOrry they are only in package form. I will spread the word about your missing files over at LivingSims too :)

    1. Hi Kementari!
      Sorry for the late reply. But thank you so much for your help!
      I will see if I can use any of the files you sent me to replace the missing ones.
      And I will try to update this post with the list of broken links and the missing files.
      Hopefully some people still have those and could send them to me.
      Again, thank you so much!!!


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