Magazine Holders

Sorry for the lack of updates these past two months.
I hope everyone is doing fine and I'm really glad to see you all again! :)
Also thank you so much for the donations! It means a lot to me that you guys like my creations and I really appreciate your kindness!
Now about the new stuff I have for you guys some Magazine Holders.

The mesh is from base game and it's recolorable 1 channel. 
I made 24 variations for the magazine: 12 regulars  and 12 vintages as you can see in pics below. They all are in one set.

These are good for any room in your house and even for community lots like Library, Laundromat. 
I know they're only for decorations but they sure add realism to your game! :)

The magazine categories are travel, food, family, beauty, fashion, pc games, craft, home decor, technology and life style.

You can find these in Misc Decor category. You can move it up and down on the wall.
Both format (Sims3Pack and Package) are included. Please install only one!
I made these with patch 1.38

Have fun!

EA for the mesh
Google for the graphics


  1. Nice Work!
    I have featured as one of my top daily picks
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh it's great!! Looks good! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. @Mel Sims
    Thank you for featuring this on your site and thank you for telling me! :)

    @JS Sims 3
    I'm glad you like 'em! You're welcome as always! :)

  4. Oh mah gawd! I love them, especially the video game covers. I squeed at Half Life and Falloutand Tf2 and just oh mah gawd!!! I've missed your uploads so much. Amazing, as usual with you.

  5. Came looking for them. And the link is no longer valid.


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