Christmas Gift Part 8 (Shower Curtain, Side Table, Homemade Liquid & Bar Soaps, Assorted Candles and Mr. Pear Moustaches)


Today I'm back with part 8 of my Christmas gifts. I hope you guys like this set! :)
In total there's 6 mesh: 4 made by me and the other 2 are stuff from TS2 that I converted+edited for TS3. 

So you'll get shower curtain, side table, candle, pear, liquid and bar soap.
(You can get the original candles and candle holders I made from here, the pears from here and 105 functional body cleanser from here)

The candle and homemade soaps are fully functional and recolorable.
You don't need any mod to use them! To light the candle all you have to do is click on it in live mode. And to use the soaps you need to place either one on them on the bath up then make your sim take a bubble bath.

The shower curtain can fits most bath ups from the game. I used the one from base game in picture. It will stays open when your sim inside the bath up. So no animation at all. But it looks really good as decoration! ^_^

Both format (Sims3Pack and Package) are included. Please install only one!

Have a nice weekend!





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