Candles & Candle Holders

Hi Lovelies! :)

Here's another inspiration I got from home decor stuff in real life. I really like it!
I've made 5 candle holders plus 8 candles.
The candles are not recolorable BUT they are flamable so you can lit them without the mod. All you have to do just install and put them anywhere in your sims house then click on the candle (in live mode)
The candles will have the flame on top of them and it looks real!

Available colors are black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.
The unlit candles look dark but it's necessary since they're really bright and glow when you lit them.

Don't forget to use the candle holders!
Each of them have a slot so you can place the candle on top. No need OMSP at all.
They're recolorable 2 channels: the cup and the small part on top of it (I made the candle holder close to its real version)

I made these with the latest patch so make sure you have that in your game before you install.
Both format (Sims3Pack and Package) in download file. Please install only one.

I hope you like this set and have fun with it.




  1. Yay! I love these candles,they are wonderful..and actually just what I need for this house I'm fixing to build! ^_^

    Thank you! <3

  2. These are wonderful. I adore candles for the sims which actually are flammable. Hope to see more candles made by you. Thank you for these~

  3. That is so clever. I might borrow this idea IRL for my house.

    Geez, why does visiting your blog give me decor ideas, aha! But thank you for these! Will be excellent lighting for my legacy house.

  4. спасибо, они так натуральны)

  5. are these like sunhair candles?

  6. Thank you guys so much for your comments!

    I hope these candles can be useful for your game or project! :)
    You're welcome <3

    I like flamable candles too not just as clutter or decor object. And I'll make more candles in the future with different size and shape.
    You're welcome :)

    Me too I'm gonna borrow this idea for my own house ;)
    I'm glad my blog give you decor ideas. I'm happy to hear that. You're welcome! :)

    You're welcome! :)
    (I hope I got it right ;)

    No, these are different. Sunhair candles need the mod by Granthes.
    I've made the recolors and upload them on this blog.
    Here's the link: (Part 1) (Part 2)

  7. Hey there OBP, may i ask how you manage to do those i mean without granthes mod to look so real flames ? i was just wondering about that effect for a while now and couldn't find something that could help
    but these are amazing and i would love to create some my self some day =D

  8. @Louma 37
    Thanks for your question :)
    You can clone the candle from base game. That's what I did. But it won't allow you to export or import the texture if you use TSRW so I used S3PE. Then you can edit the texture but you cannot make it recolorable.
    I still can't figure out how to do it.

  9. Do you think you could fix the link, please? It doesn't work anymore :C

  10. So sad it doesn't work anymore... Can't launch the game with it.

    1. Make sure you install this for the Sims 3.


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