Popsicle Favor Boxes (The Sims 4)


I'm back with a new set.
This time I made a set of favor boxes that you can use to decorate your party.
I got the idea from this site HERE.
I love how the popsicle boxes look so I decided to make them. ^__^

There's 2 boxes; open and closed. 
You can put objects like food or small clutter in the open one.
Sorry but I didn't add any slot on it so you'll need to use the cheat (bb.moveobjects) to place other object.

Anyway, you'll get 16 variations as you can see in the pictures.
These have custom thumbnails so it will be easy to find them in buy mode.

Mesh Info:
OBP Popsicle Favor Boxes Open (614 vertices/322 faces)
OBP Popsicle Favor Boxes Closed (398 vertices/214 faces)

Feel free to recolor this set.
But please Do Not replace my textures with yours! (Default replacement)
Please read my TOU & Sharing Policy HERE.

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