iPad Pro Clutter (The Sims 4)


It's been a long time since I post anything on this blog.
(How are you guys doing?)
Sorry for being MIA due to busy life. 
Anyway, today I'm back with new stuff for you all.
I made iPad Pro in two sizes just like the real version.
These are just clutter so they won't have any function at all.

I made these in 4 colors (space gray, gold, silver and rose gold) and 12 recolors as you can see in pictures.
Also these have custom thumbnails.

You can get iPhone clutter/stereo in picture HERE.

Mesh Info:
OBP iPad Pro 9.7 (578 vertices / 738 faces)
OBP iPad Pro 12.9 (578 vertices / 738 faces)

Feel free to recolor or use them to make pose.
But please Do Not replace my textures with yours!  

Please read my TOU & Sharing Policy HERE  

And please tag ‘onebillionpixels’ if you use these in your picture.
I’ll reblog your post. Thanks!

Have Fun!

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