Xbox One Games & Consoles (Decor Clutter - TS3)

I got requests to make this set for the sims 3.
You can see the original version for TS4 HERE.

All these screenshots are from the original TS4 post.

Sorry but I couldn't make this as a game console set (functional one) cause these objects were created and mapped separately so it's impossible to combine them together in one UV map.
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy these.

Mesh Info:
OBP Xbox Console 1
(577 vertices / 672 faces)
OBP Xbox Console 2 (155 vertices / 192 faces)
OBP Xbox Kinetic 1 & 2 (494 vertices / 624 faces)
OBP Xbox One Games (253 vertices / 304 faces)

You can find these in Decor - Clutter category.  
The price are 59 and 499 simoleons.

I made these with the latest patch 1.67 and these are base game compatible.  
Also both format (Sims3Pack and Package) are included in folder. Please install only one!

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Happy Simming!

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