Softball Equipment - Ajoya Sims & OBP Collaboration (TS4)


This project was started last month (April) after our talk about my girls' softball games.
It was her idea to make softball equipment and I decided to join in cause I wanted to make these as a tribute to my girls. 
They put up with mud and sweat and did their best!

So BIG thank you to Ajoya Sims for her brilliant idea and for collaborating with me.
We'll do this again in the future so look forward to it! ^__^

Anyway, there's separate downloads for the whole set.
You'll get the balls, bats, helmets and display from me.
To get the trophy, lamp and trophy self you'll have to download from Ajoya Sims HERE.

Mesh Info:
OBP Softball Balls (170 poly)
OBP Softball Bat 1 (310 poly)
OBP Softball Bat 2 (310 poly)
OBP Softball Display (194 poly)
OBP Softball Helmets (1578 poly)

You can find these in Decor or Clutter. 
Sorry but these are not compatible with design tool.
But I made custom thumbnails so it will be easy for you to change the color.

To put these on the table or other surface you can use cheat bb.moveobjects on then press 0 and 9 to move up and down. Press Alt to move anywhere outside the grid.

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Have Fun!

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  1. Thank you for these. They are great and now I can recreate my niece when she was little and played softball. She played softball to for the Florida Gators when she went to college.

    1. Wow, that's really awesome! You must be really proud of her. What a great achievement.
      Thank you for telling me this <3
      I hope my kids will play softball when the go to college someday. It's a long way to go but that's their goal ^__^

  2. OMG! Is this going to be for TS3 as well?

  3. Ajoya Sims site is abandoned. Nothing on it.

    1. Sorry about that but I don't have her files with me.
      Maybe you can try look for it on Sim File Share?


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