Oval Frames (The Sims 4)


These oval frames were originally made for TS3.
It was one of Christmas gifts I made back in 2012
and you can see the post HERE.
Anyway, there's 12 designs in total.
The price is 15 simoleons. 
And these can be found in Decor/Clutter. 

These are sellable so they can be sold in game.
Sorry but these are not compatible with design tool.
But I made custom thumbnails so it will be easy for you to change the color.

To put these clutter on the table or other surface you can use cheat bb.moveobjects on then press 0 and 9 to move up and down. Press Alt to move anywhere outside the grid. 

Mesh Info:
OBP Oval Frames (400 poly)

Feel free to recolor and share it with everyone.
But please Do Not replace my textures with yours!  

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