Bath & Body Works Shop & Set V2 - Sellable and Compatible Items with Base Game & GTW Shelves


If you have the previous version of this set I'm sure you know that sims can't sell them in game and they are not compatible with the shelves from base game and Get To Work expansion.
I used a program (TSRW) to make them but it's not compatible with GTW business feature.
I'm really sorry for the problems it has caused. 
But I hope they'll update it soon. 

Anyway, I can guarantee you that this version will work!
Now sims will be able to put these clutter in shelves, sell them as many as they want and their customers can buy them without any problem.
But just to let you know, sims cannot buy objects (either custom content or base game/GTW objects) when you move them up and down with cheat bb. moveobjects. 

This set contains 14 package files and 2 Tray folders:
OBP Bath & Body Works Candles (192 vertices/226 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Set 1 (200 vertices/282 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Set 2 (296 vertices/402 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Set 3 (280 vertices/386 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Small Bag (296 vertices/326 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Large Bag (296 vertices/326 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Promo Pictures 1 (recolors of base game painting)
OBP Bath & Body Works Promo Pictures 2 (recolors of base game painting)
OBP Bath & Body Works Promo Sign (96 vertices/90 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Soap (353 vertices/386 polygon)
OBP Bath & Body Works Uniform (red recolor & add logo on base game uniform)
OBP Bath & Body Works Wall Siding (wall recolor)
OBP Bath & Body Works White Shelf (base game shelf recolor)
OBP Bath & Body Works Logo Sign (17080 vertices/17066 polygon) >>HIGH POLY<<
Tray (Retail Lot/6 files)
Tray (Room Only/4 files)

Please read the informantion below if you want to install the shop!!!

You can install either one or both room and retail lot in your game.
Copy all the Tray files then paste them in Tray folder (see below).
(Documents/Electronic Art/The Sims 4/Tray)
After that put the rest 13 files (the uniform is not required) in your Mods folder (see below).
(Documents/Electronic Art/The Sims 4/Mods)  
To find the shop, look for rooms/lots and don't forget to check the “include custom content” box in the Advanced tab in the Gallery.
To uninstall, just delete from your Library in the Gallery.

Please update your game with the latest patch from Origin if non of these show up in your game.

Do Not place the shop directly from the Gallery in World Map mode cause it will remove everything inside. You have to place it in Build Mode! 
I used cheat bb.moveobjects on some of these so they might be missing when you install the shop. You can find them in household inventory in buy/build mode. 

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Have a nice weekend!

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  1. this is amazing, thankyou <3

    1. (Sorry for the late reply)
      I'm really glad you like this set.
      You're welcome! ^__^

  2. Wow, your creations are amazing. I am still in awe and trying to wrap my head around how you guys create all these super cool things in these 3d programs(milkshape, blender, etc). I am trying to learn myself and I find my head having a minor nuclear explosion when trying to figure it out. But I am slowly getting there. Thank you so much for sharing your creations with all of us! :)

    1. I know what you meant cause I've been there before ^__^
      But I'm pretty sure you'll get there. Just keep trying and be patient.

      You're very welcome! <3

  3. Hi,

    I placed the files in my tray folder but, the lot isn't showing up in my gallery. Do I have to download it from your page?

    1. Hi there,
      To find the shop, please look for rooms or lots and don't forget to check the “include custom content” box in the Advanced tab in the Gallery.
      And make sure you update your game with the latest patch from Origin.

  4. Amazing Job! I can only imagine the time that it took that went into this set. Beautiful work.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!!! <3
      It took me 2-3 weeks to finished the whole set so it nearly killed me.
      I am so glad I didn't give up.

  5. Hello NewOne what's the difference between fixed and version 2 download?

    1. Hi,

      Fixed version is sellable but not compatible with shelves from base game, game pack and GTW expansion. Sims can buy them only from tables but not shelves.

      Version 2 is sellable and compatible with shelves from base game, game pack and GTW expansion so sims can buy them from tables and shelves.

      Hope this helps!

    2. It does thank you! but I'm having some trouble, i downloaded everything and put the 2 in the tray and the rest in the mod and i place it during build mode but it still deletes some of the things and theres nothing in my inventory. The door is gone and the sign is higher up than the building. What am i doing wrong?

    3. Sorry but you can only have one version in your game.
      (I forgot to mention that in my post)
      If you put both versions in your folder they're not gonna work. I built the shops with their own version mods so you have to put only one.
      You still can install both shops in your game but you have to fix everything by yourself. I mean you have to replace the missing stuff or move down the sign.

  6. Hi congratulations on your designs are amazing (sorry for the English but the google translator) I wanted to ask something, you've explained but just do not understand or does not leave me, the question is to install as you said it and I'm still not to sell the products in my store, I have put in your mods and two files that go into tray. I have the latest update which came out recently could you help me please.

    1. Hi there,
      Do your sims own the shop? If they do you can sell the products by tagging them for sale.
      Click the item then tag for sale.
      If you just want your sims to visit the shop but don't own it all you have to do is sell the shop after you tag all items in the store in buy mode.
      The next time they go there they can buy the items.
      Did I answer your question right?
      Please let me know!

  7. Hi! if my sims is the owner and got him labels for sale but still nothing. Too bad not knowing what happens is so beautiful

    1. So are the items can be sold in your game or not?
      If they can be sold but nobody buy them then make sure you put them on table or shelf without moving them up and down with the cheat cause it's not gonna work.
      Also make sure you don't have mod installed that prevent townies to spawn.

  8. do i need the get to work update to be able to play this?

    1. everything but the lot and room shows up. and it wont let me sell anything

    2. Yes, make sure your game is updated with the latest patch.
      And don't move up or down the items with ctrl 9 or 0 cause sims can't buy them if you use that cheat.
      But it's okay to use cheat moveobjects on.

  9. amazing! could you maybe please make this for sims 3?

  10. Hi, thanks so much for making these amazing cc. I just have 1 question. When I downloaded your file and unzipped the file, there were sim3pack files inside, so I deleted all of those sim3pack left only package files. But when I start ts4 it wouldn't load with your cc, so I tried move your cc away and the game started as normal. I have get to work expansion. I really like your cc so can you help me with this? Thanks again :)

    1. Hi there,
      There's no sims3pack at all in zip file.
      If you go to my Sugar Sync download folder you can see these are .package files (read the files name and type) plus tray files. I had tested and double checked everything before I upload the files.

      Make sure you install the patch so they show up and work in your game.
      Also if you get a message “Game Data Incomplete” when you run TS4 game all you have to do is delete the file ‘localthumbchace.package’ from your TS4 folder.
      And delete everything in ‘Chace’ folder (EXCEPT FOR 'FileCache.ini’) then restart your game.

      Hope this helps!

  11. I love this! I don’t have get to work yet, so that may be why this is happening, but whenever I place the room in build mode none of the furniture comes with it except for two signs and the bath and body works sign. A pop up says they aren’t downloaded or the account doesn’t own them. If I look into my furniture though, it’s all there. What should I do? I only have one version installed by the way.

    1. I built the room as a shop with GTW installed so yes you'll need that EP if you want the furniture and everything inside to show up inside.
      Hope this helps!

  12. I downloaded this and even made sure I put the tray items in the correct tray file. I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong but it won't work in my game, I've tried two times now? Great work though!

    1. Make sure you update your game with the latest patch.
      Hope this helps!

  13. Will not work tried a bunch and nothing


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