Hayden Xavier TS4 Version Updated with Hair & Recolor


Here's an updated of my sim Hayden Xavier aka Hayden.
All I can say is I'm very happy with this version of him.
You can see the original TS4 version HERE.

Now he has a converted hair (by Maysims) that I used for his TS3 version and I added a recolor of it that I included in folder.
The hair now fits him perfectly as it was made specially for him! ^__^
I want to thank EssentiaMakeup for letting me know about the hair and for the link she gave me.
And to all Hayden's fans, I hope you have fun with him in your game. Cheers!

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Hayden is a sim that I uploaded to MTS back in 2009 a few months after TS3 came out.
He's my very special and most popular sim among other ones I made.
I decided to upload him cause some people asked me to make him for TS4.
You can see the picture of his TS3 version at the bottom. 

To get the exact look 
You'll have to use the same custom content I used for this sim.
Below the first picture I included the links where you can download them. Make sure you click those.

To install the sims
All you have to do is put all the files (there's 5 in total) in your Tray folder.
Documenst>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray
To find him, don't forget to check the “include custom content” box in the advanced tab in the Gallery.
To uninstall, just delete him from your Library in the Gallery.

Please don't use this sim as a base to your creations, alter his facial features, or reupload him anywhere and claim him as your own.
But you are more than welcome to use him for story, movie, contest, modelling, etc.
Feel free to do so. 
Don't forget to link back and credit One Billion Pixels.

Have fun! 

Hayden Xavier

Freelance Botanist | Art Lover | Good | Outgoing 

Custom Content:


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All creators who made cc 
I use for this sim


  1. OMG! He's back!!

    I have a secret crush on Hayden since TS3, thank you for make him for TS4!! <3

    1. Aww, that's really sweet!
      I'm happy he still has his own fans till this day.
      You're welcome! ^__^

  2. This is awesome :D

  3. How do you find him ?

    1. To find him, check the “include custom content” box in the advanced tab in the Gallery.

  4. I did everything as you said in install notes but he doesn't show up in my library :/ (i do have a cracked version of TS4 though)

    1. He won't show up if you don't install the latest patch from Origin. And most of his cc are made with the patch installed. So the only way you can do is get the legit copy. Sorry.

    2. Update: 02/03/2015 – Version, i believe this is the latest patch which i have but i guess there's something with cracked version that blocks it from show :/, ty for reply though ^^

    3. I wish I could help you but I really don't know how to make it work for cracked version.
      Have you tried ask around?

    4. The "custom content" option popped up in the gallery under advance so now i finally can see him, idk how it did but it did and i'm so happy ! :D

      Ty for sharing ^^

    5. I am so glad it works for you and you finally can see him. I'm happy for you! :)
      Thank you for letting me know.

      You're welcome! Have fun! ^__^

  5. Want him in my game, but he just won't appear. I put him in the tray...am I doing something wrong?

    1. Please make sure you do all the steps below.
      -Download all cc from the links in the post.
      -Install the latest patch.
      -Check the “include custom content” box in the advanced tab in the Gallery.

  6. So your Sims 3 Hayden Xavier is actually the whole reason I ever gave the sims 3 a chance, which led to me creating a simblr, where I met a lot of great people and made a lot of amazing friends and SO IM REALLY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW and I love him, thank you for re-creating and sharing him with us!

    1. OMG, really?!! THANK YOU so much for telling me this!
      I had no idea my sim could do something this amazing to someone's life.
      Aww, I wish I could send his real life version to you so he'll give you a panda hug.
      But you know what, he can do that to your simself ^____^
      Have fun with Hayden okay! <3

  7. Is there any chance you'll ever make a tutorial on how to shape a guys face like that? I have a hard time making sim guys look good. I want to make my fav kpop idols but I can't because I suck at sculpting male faces.

    1. Hi there, I think you can try watch these videos on Youtube:
      Hope this helps! ^___^

  8. So I downloaded him, and another of your sims, and the downloads were PNGs, and I can't actually see either of the sims in my gallery. I've done everything that you've said to on your page, I don't know what I'm missing ;-;

    1. Hi there,
      You should download Tray file and put all of them in your Tray folder.
      LIKE THIS: Document/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray
      Then in your Library/Gallery look for the sims/household and don't forget to check the “include custom content” box in the advanced tab.
      But make sure you download and install all CC that are required cause if you don't they will show up black in your CAS, have no hair (bald) and their faces will look different.
      The custom skin is what made their face look just like in the pictures so it's very important for you to have it first.
      Hope this helps! ^____^

    2. Feeling slightly stupid, noticed that the files I needed were in a folder, instead of the main zip... >_> Why has it taken me this long to figure it out? T_T

    3. That's okay. I do that sometimes too ;)
      I'm glad you figured it out! ^___^

  9. I'm having trouble getting the eyebrows as well as the lashes and the outfit.


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