Ear Cuff


Here's an accessory ear cuff for your female sims, teen to elder.
This can be found in Accessory - Earring section as a standalone (new mesh) with custom thumbnail.
There's only 1 color option black.
Sorry but this is high poly mesh cause the chains and spikes.

Edit. I've added right side version. Please download from the link below.

Mesh Info:
High Poly 6548
Low Poly 5580

You'll need to adjust the ear size just in case the earrings don't fit. 
Use cheat 'cas.fulleditmode' to edit your sims' ears.

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Have fun!



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  1. Love it! :D could you also make a right-ear version too?

    1. Sure thing! I'll make the right ear version next week.
      I'm working om a project right now.

    2. I've added right version. You can download it now. Enjoy! ^_^

  2. Hi there! Thanks for sharing! Can you tell me where you got the faded hair? Forgive my ignorance, as I just got back into playing and I haven't yet scoured all the great CC sites. *LOL* Thanks!


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