Wall Collage


I'm back today with a wall collage.
Sorry to disappoint you but these are not real collage frames.
They are just like fake wall decals I made the other day. So yeah these are just a set of walls with (fake) collage.
I hope someday soon I can make real wall collages and share them with you guys. I promise!

Anyway, these fake collage really look nice in game. But make sure you have your setting high or they'll look blurry in game. Also, you'll notice sometimes there's thin lines between the collage cause of the walls.

This can be found in Wallpaper category as a standalone with its custom thumbnail as seen in picture below. It works for all walls but I recommend you use medium and tall walls.
I also included the blank version of the wall (from base game) to make it look seamless.



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  1. YAY you're making stuff for sims 4! Loved all your stuff for sims 3 so I can't wait what is to come next - thanks for this lovely wall art!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'll be making more stuff for TS4.
      Hopefully they release TSR Workshop soon. They're still testing it right now.

  2. youre the best love your site and always come here and see whats new!!!! so excited to see youre making stuff for sims 4! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thank you! I hope I can make new objects soon. I'm so impatiently waiting for TSRW to be released for the community.


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