8 Faux Wall Decals


Yes! The title says it all. 8 faux wall decals.
Why I call it faux? Well, cause they're not real wall decals. They look like it but they're just plain white walls with stencils. 
So yeah, it's faux/fake. You cannot use them on other walls. Maybe in the future I'll convert them into wall decals.

Anyway, there's 9 files in folder that you can choose. You can install all of them or just pick the one you like.

Here's what you'll get:
Birds of Paradise Faux Wall Decal
Black CATS Faux Wall Decal
Count Antlers Faux Wall Decal
European Style Faux Wall Decal
KING of Pop Faux Wall Decal
Luminous Faux Wall Decal
Mannequin Faux Wall Decal
Oh Dear Faux Wall Decal  
Faux Wall Decals Set (8 walls in one)    

In each file there's one white wall I included. That way you can make the walls look seamless like in picture below.
These work great on short, medium and tall walls. But you'll need to change the side/coffee table just in case the KING Of Pop one looks lower or higher when you adjust the wall height.



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  1. Lovely! The next, please, the TARDIS of Doctor Who! <3


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