Christmas Gift Part 1 (Edible Plumbob & Alien Sim)


For the following weeks I'm gonna give you Christmas gifts so be ready! :)
The first part of my gift is Edible Plumbob and Alien Sim. I hope you like them.

Edible Plumbob

I know nobody eats plumbob IRL but I made this specially for my alien sims who I prefer not to eat sims food most of the time. I couldn't think of a better idea so I decided to make plumbob as edible food also cause I like the shape. ^___^
You can recolor the plumbob with any color you like as you can see in picture. You can also use it as decor in your game. Have some plumbob! :)

Ripley Cyan

I had never played alien sims before either in TS2 or TS3.
To be honest the reason I bought Seasons EP cause I want the changing seasons for my sims. I didn't want have anything to do with alien sims. But I changed my mind after my sim was abducted by alien in my game and I found how powerful alien sims are. I fell in love instantly. So that's how Ripley Cyan's life began.
Ripley is an inventor in my game.
She spends a lot of time in the laboratory in her home, and hardly notice the time passing by. Her life time wish is to create 3 monsters (from Ambitions EP) and she's halfway there.
She loves color turquoise as much as she loves her neat freak boyfriend!


Eccentric l Friendly l Genius l Great Kisser l Handy

I only included Sims3Pack file cause Sim file doesn't work for alien sims.
They'll show up in CAS with normal eyes (not black/alien eyes) and they lost their power and skill. So I uploaded her as Sims3Pack and you can find her in Simbin in Edit Town mode. In her inventory you'll find her Galaxa Space Car, rock&gems and some of her inventions. You can also check her skills levels & journals to find out more about her.

I hope you have fun play with her in your game as much as I do!

(Not Included)

Ripley with the love of her life
(They both are so cute together in my game ♥)



  1. omg! I love her! now if only i can find a male alien to download as well.

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy playing with her in your game. Please take care of her for me ;)


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