Macaron (Decorative Food)


Thanks for coming back here to get your another Christmas gift! ;)
This second part is decorative food (french pastry) called Macaron.
Have you ever heard about it before?If you haven't, you can read about it here and here to help you figure out about this type of pastry.

I made 3 type of Macaron (3 new mesh) as you can see in pictures.
I tried to make the ones with filling but they don't look good in game (really crappy) so I have to be settled with just these.
And they function as decorative food for now but I'll make them edible in the future if it's possible.

Anyway, these are recolorable and you can put them on any surface like table, counter top and you can also put them in empty jars, bowls, plates as decorative food. Just be creative and imaginative! ;)

You can pick the type you like then install it and delete the rest.
Even better if you install all the three! :)
But just to inform you before the hand, don't install these if you don't have Pets EP or the patch in your game cause it's not gonna work.

Btw, I used OMSP in my pictures and you can get it here.
Also, both format (Sims3pack and Package are included) Please install only one format!

Any questions or comments are very welcome (please do! :)

Enjoy and Have Fun with Macaron! :)



  1. these are so cute! I'm downloading them :)
    thank you!

  2. @Anon
    Have fun with Macarons! :)
    You're welome!

  3. These are cute, & I love colorful things, esp food clutters! Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  4. @SimplyTheBest
    I LOVE colorful things! So I'm really glad you like these macarons!
    You're always welcome! And Happy New Year! :)

  5. THESE ARE ADORABLE <3 Thanks so much for making them! I'm going to be working on a dessert/sweets shop for my sims and they're perfect :D

  6. oh they are lovely many thanks for the creating . I'm French and I don't really like this pastry despite of their yummy appearances.
    thank you I love the shape anyways ^^ so I grab them !

  7. i make macarons myself, i know what these are. they look like laduree's! would look great in my game, thank you so much :)

  8. Can't help but fall in love with all your creations. Thank you <3

  9. Thank you,
    Look very YUMMY!


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