Hayden Xavier V2 (Requested)


I know some of you probably recognize him right away.
This guy is not newcomer at all. He is my top download sim Hayden Xavier or Hayden and I've uploaded him to MTS logn time ago (2009). So yeah he is old ;)

Anyway, I got a request (you can see it here) to upload him with his latest look as you can see in his pics. I decided to upload him for his hardcore fans ;)

His original version looks a bit different but you still can see they both are the same sim.
I didn't edit his face at all. All I did is gave him different custom content.

Have fun with Hayden!


  1. He is a cutie! <3

    But boy has he got that "Heartbreaker" look ;)

    Thanks! <3

  2. @Amanda
    LOL, yeah I know that. But it wasn't my intention to make him look that way.
    When the first time I made him 2 years ago I didn't use custom eyes at all so he looked just fine.
    But when I started using custom eyes it really changed his look. He got this cold look on his face or 'Heartbreaker' like you called ;)

    You're so welcome, Amanda! <3

  3. Looooove the new visual of the blog. Sure is the "cutest blog on the block". :)

  4. @Madam Pink
    Thank you! :)
    I'm really glad you like the new layout. I never had pink background before so this is the first time for me.

  5. Hayden is not old--he's a classic. ^_^

    *cuddles Hayden close*

    I've had him in my game for forever and he is one of my favorites. ^_^ Love the new look on him--Mr Bedroom Eyes!

  6. @Darkling
    LOL, I like that!
    It just sounds better that way ;)

    Thank you! :)
    Me too, I love his "killer" look.
    Mr Bedroom Eyes, he's so dreamy ;)

  7. awww he is the best male sim i have seen so far, he is amazing xxxx


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