6 Sets of Cushions


I'm glad to see you guys again in new year 2011.
And as I promised before in my latest post that I'll make more stuff when I still have time.
So today I bring you 6 sets of cushions that I made based on the real ones in RL.
Yes, you can get the real version of these pillows/cushions from online shops where I got the designs.
I added the links in credit.

So anyway, I made 2 types: standing and floor cushions.
The meshes are by RD and baufive, included in sims3pack & package files.
The standing ones, contains 12 pillows. Only 1 set.
The floor ones, contains 30 pillows. There's 5 sets in total.
In each set, I included the recolorable ones. So you still can recolor these cushions if you want.

I hope you like these sets and they're useful for your game.


[Click on the pics to enlarge]

MyMimi Pillow Set

Close Up

Preview Icons
Just to show you they showed up right in my game

Bonjour Mon Coussin
Floor Cushions

Close Up

Marram Studio Floor Cushions

Close Up

Thomas. P Floor Cushions

Close Up

Clare Nicolson Floor Cushions

Close Up

Click For Art Floor Cushions

Close Up

RD & baufive for the mesh
TSR Workshop


  1. You always make the most cute stuff!
    I can't resist, MUST download every set!

    (I heard about your baby girl! ;)
    I bet you are an awesome mommy! <33333)

  2. Oh my gosh so cute! *snuggles them all!*

  3. @Janira
    Thank you hun for liking these cushions. :)
    I like them all too.

    And yes, a baby girl in less than 2 weeks. YAY, I am so excited!!
    And can't wait to see her. :)

    Thank you!
    I snuggle them all too. :)

  4. They are so pretty, i want them! But the download button does not work for me?

  5. Oh sorry, I figured out how to download them :D..silly me...

  6. @Jadeleine
    LOL, no worries. I'm glad you figured it out. :)

  7. I love kawaii things! Thank you so much these are lovely. :P

  8. @Evie
    You're welcome, Evie! :)
    I do too love kawaii things.
    I guess a lot of people do ;)

  9. OMG 2 weeks?!
    I *so* envy you!
    Becoming a mother is a great wish of mine! @3@

    I forgot to thank you for the links, so I can have the cushions IRL.
    (Sorry for bumping the thread, ehehe!)

  10. Love the styles you're using! Thanks!

  11. @Janira
    Yes, in 2 weeks.
    I'll have my C-section (surgery) in 2 weeks so she'll be here sooner than the due date (like on my pregnancy widget)

    You're welcome.
    Glad I could help. I hope you like their real version. :)

    @Lex the mom
    You're welcome! :)
    I'm glad you like the styles.

  12. As I was re-sorting my downloads yesterday, I was thinking "Hot damn I have way too many cushions..." But now I have, like, way more.

    Worth it.

  13. Hi, I love your cushions but I encountered an issue with the .sims3pack files for the Kawaii cushions.

    When trying to select one in buy mode, all the preview icons are of the same pillow. This means that you have to individually click on each file in order to see which is which and that takes awhile with the amount included.

    Can you fix this, please? I really love these pillows.

  14. Hi Anon,

    I'm so sorry but the icons showed up right in my game.
    Here's the pic:

    I added this pic to my post so others can see.

    Again I'm really sorry.
    But here's something I think you can do (if they still don't show up) just use the recolor tool when you want to pick the pillow you want.
    I think it will make it work.

    I hope this helps.

  15. Continue creating CC like these! The cushions are rad! Thanks for sharing them.

  16. @Plum
    LOL, sorry for making you add more cushions to your game but like you said it's worth ;)
    Have fun!

    Aww, you're welcome! :)
    I would definitely continue creating CC whenever I have time.
    And I'm gald you like the cushions.
    Enjoy! :)

  17. The download link doesn't work. =( Btw, wonderful cushions!

  18. I assumed you are the same anon who posted a comment on 36 Cosmetic Clutter?

    I copy+paste this from my reply on that post cause I'm too lazy to re-write (roll eyes)

    Anon, you have to click on the file(s) name to downlod. The dl button is there only to show the dl links (so you can pick/dl the one you like)
    I know it was stupid cause I always did that back then.
    But thank you for your comment! :)

  19. Hello! I just found these and totally loved it, but when I download from the 'download button', the .rar file only contains .package files, and not the sims3pack, that is actually the type I use (because .package makes my game go damn slow). So I don't know if it's a mistake I'm making or something.

    Lovely work, anyway!

    1. Sorry for the late reply but I hope you read this.
      I've updated the file with Sims3Pack so now you can redownload.


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